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Pricing and Contact Information

Pricing:  (does not include framing)
Prices are individually negotiable, starting at $1000 for 12x16 and going up according to size.

About Your Photos

Existing photographs and/or slides can be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi and e-mailed, burned to disk at maximum resolution and snail mailed, or simply sent to me.  I will take good care of your pictures and return them to you.

You can have a dedicated photo shoot using my professional photographer or one of your choice. A photography session with my photographer costs $ 250.00 additional to the cost of the painting.

A photo session shot by a client picturing one or two people usually results in a useable image.  Twenty or thirty shots should be taken for maximum choice.  Clothing should be relatively plain and backgrounds should be uncluttered.

Group images can be made by setting up a tripod and taking a series of photographs from a fixed point of view with the same lighting, repeating this process in several locations if desired.  About six photographs per person in the group should provide enough choice to make a good whole. Photographs can be combined using this technique.. If you’re interested I have a sample showing how this works. Pictures with differing locations and lighting are usually not possible to combine.

How long until you get your painting?

Paintings take from three to eight weeks to complete after receipt of photographs, depending on size and complexity. 

What can I fix?

To a certain degree I can make alterations between the photo and the painting. I can remove or change elements of the background. I can remove or alter things like facial blemishes.  I can tame wild hair. I can make green eyes blue. However, I cannot make changes such as giving someone a smile, removing a squint, or closing a mouth. 

Your Satisfaction

My policy is that my client must be entirely satisfied with their painting.  My focus is on creating an excellent likeness in a harmonious whole.  I work with my clients, sending images for review and corrections, until the painting is just right.

Contact Information:

Janet Young
PO Box 2425
Redway, CA 95560 USA

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